Fixing What We Can

Michigan voters have consistently ranked fixing the state’s infrastructure as their top issue of concern.

Funding for Michigan’s infrastructure still falls far short of meeting the well-documented and quantified road, bridge, underground, and water system repair and replacement needs. However, to date, our elected officials have been unable to agree on a plan that would achieve that proper funding over the long term.

Michigan’s infrastructure workers continue to dedicate long, hard hours to fix what they can with the limited and insufficient resources available. While more funding is needed, we are indebted to the hard-working residents doing what they can to keep their communities and our infrastructure as safe and operational as possible.

By the Numbers


miles of Michigan’s paved roadways are rated in poor or fair condition

$3.9 billion

more annual investment needed to properly fund road repairs and maintenance

$16.3 billion

contributed by the construction industry in 2020 to Michigan’s economy

Michigan’s Construction Industry

Meet the companies working across the state to make our roads, bridges, dams, and underground infrastructure safer. The construction industry is committed to doing what they can with what they have until our elected officials listen to the will of Michigan residents and pass a long-term funding solution. 

Fixing MI State: DiPonio Contracting

What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like? DiPonio Contracting, Inc. (DCI) was founded in 1995 and is based out of Shelby Township, Michigan. Originally focused on site grading, DCI has developed into an underground contractor completing a wide range of...

Fixing MI State: Dunigan Bros., Inc.

What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like? Dunigan Bros., Inc. was founded in 1945 by Joe, Charlie and Bill Dunigan. Starting out in Jackson, Michigan, Dunigan completed projects ranging from digging basements, unloading trucks for local steel haulers to...

Fixing MI State: Angelo Iafrate Construction Company

What does fixing Michigan's infrastructure look like? Angelo Iafrate Construction Company is an employee-owned business based in Warren, Michigan. As one of the largest site development and road contractors in the state, Iafrate works to improve roads of all types...

Fixing MI State: Brenner Excavating

What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like? Brenner Excavating, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1976 in Hopkins, Michigan. Over the past 45 years, they have expanded from trucking materials to local farms and building...

Fixing MI State: C.A. Hull

What does fixing Michigan's infrastructure look like? For over 90 years, C.A. Hull has been a leader in Michigan’s heavy-highway and bridge construction industry. Founded by Clarence Hull in the 1930s, Clarence hired a young engineer named Don Malloure to assist him...

Fixing MI State: Fisher Companies

What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like? For nearly 100 years, the Fisher Companies have been leaders in providing preventative measures and building our state’s infrastructure. The Fisher Companies consist of midland-based Fisher Contracting and eight...

Fixing MI State: RBV Contracting

What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like? For 10 years, RBV Contracting has been working to advance our state’s infrastructure projects, while also supporting projects with positive economic impact. In River Bends Park in Shelby Township, the river bend’s...