Michigan, we have a problem.

Most of our infrastructure is old and outdated or literally crumbling — from broken drinking water systems, to stormwater and wastewater sewer systems, to poor roads, crumbling bridges and failing dams.


As a state, we’ve done next to nothing to replace and upgrade what’s old and outdated, crumbling or limping along

We have some of the worst roads and bridges on the continent.


Many stormwater and wastewater sewer systems are decades to more than a century old.


Our drinking water systems are operating with key infrastructure components in urgent need of replacement.


More than 90 percent of our dams will be at or over their functional lives in just a few years, with no resources appropriated to replace them.



Also Alarming:

There is no real understanding of the age and scope of the problem, because there has been no overall asset management program coordinated amongst local and state officials.

The evidence is everywhere: We need to fix our state.