What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like?

Brenner Excavating, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1976 in Hopkins, Michigan. Over the past 45 years, they have expanded from trucking materials to local farms and building driveways, to constructing major roadways and underground utility projects for the Michigan Department of Transportation, municipalities and other county associations.

With more than 30 employees, Brenner Excavating manages around 15 large projects annually. Currently, Brenner is working on five projects that when complete will result in over six miles of reconstructed roadway, three updated storm sewer systems, two revamped sanitary sewer systems and three upgraded water main systems across West Michigan.

Brenner Excavating team

Brenner Excavating’s expertise lies in improving the areas that Michigan residents utilize every day, however, there is a growing concern in the industry about projects that are designed to save money instead of being designed to last. Temporary road reconstruction often occurs because there is not enough funding to get to the root of the issue, but contractors and companies like Brenner Excavating want to provide the best work and products to keep Michigan residents and visitors safe on the roads and bridges that they use every day.

As a company that has been passed down through generations, Brenner Excavating is dedicated to learning. Brenner has been at the forefront of new strategic plans and methods for executing projects, and they believe that although there is always a topic related to Michigan’s infrastructure that needs to be prioritized, recruiting new talent and encouraging the next generation of the workforce to pursue jobs in the infrastructure industry is equally as important.

Brenner Excavating and other infrastructure firms in Michigan are providing the expertise necessary to tackle the impact of crumbling roads and bridges and are working tirelessly to fix Michigan’s big infrastructure challenges. With a long-term infrastructure funding plan, we can #FixMIState with the minds and hands of Michiganders.