What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like?

Angelo Iafrate Construction Company is an employee-owned business based in Warren, Michigan. As one of the largest site development and road contractors in the state, Iafrate works to improve roads of all types around Michigan.

Iafrate specializes in earthwork, grading, concrete, underground storm sewers, water mains and sanitary sewers. Improving underground infrastructure is important because although the top of a road might look fine, there could be problems occurring underneath that contribute to the deterioration of Michigan’s roads.


Since Iafrate has been around for almost 60 years, they have been able to work on big projects across the state that help communities. Recently, Iafrate has been working to improve parts of Gratiot or M-3, which is the third oldest road in Michigan. Over 75 employees helped remove the existing asphalt surface and stormwater system to prevent it from pooling in the road, and then excavated and installed a new stormwater system. M-3 is a heavily trafficked road, so by making these sewer improvements, Iafrate is working to make sure that Michiganders can travel on M-3 safely while ensuring that the underground infrastructure is working as effectively as possible, for as long as possible.

Since M-3 is one of the oldest roads in our state, reconstruction projects like this can’t rely solely on short-term improvements. In order for the work that Iafrate is doing to truly last, lawmakers need to also invest in long-term maintenance and repair infrastructure funding.

Iafrate and other infrastructure firms in Michigan are providing the expertise necessary to tackle the impact of our crumbling roads and working tirelessly to fix Michigan’s big infrastructure challenges. With a long-term infrastructure funding plan, we can #FixMIState with the minds and hands of Michiganders.