Michigan’s infrastructure is broken. We need to fix it.

Many of our stormwater and wastewater sewer systems, drinking water systems, roads, bridges, and dams are 50 to 100 years old. In older Michigan cities, some infrastructure systems date back to the late 1800s.


Safe, reliable infrastructure protects Michigan’s economy, water and public health


Infrastructure touches all parts of how we live, work and play in Michigan. It powers our economy. It delivers clean, safe drinking water to our homes and communities. It protects our neighborhoods from floods, and our lakes, rivers and beaches from raw sewage, E. coli and other toxins.


Michigan’s unmet infrastructure needs are massive


Michigan was slapped with a “D+” on the 2018 Report Card for Michigan’s Infrastructure. While Michigan leaders have issued some reports and studies examining what’s broken, much work is left to be done to fully understand and prioritize everything that must be fixed.


How do we fix it?


We’ve put off solutions for decades. Michigan business, elected and policy leaders are now examining how to fix it, but Michigan can’t afford to wait much longer.