What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like?

For 10 years, RBV Contracting has been working to advance our state’s infrastructure projects, while also supporting projects with positive economic impact.

In River Bends Park in Shelby Township, the river bend’s natural flow of river was altered with a human-made log jam that provided a backwater habitat with environmental value. The opposing riverbank, however, was exposed to increased erosion. To protect from continued erosion, as well as prevent the implications of a down-river pedestrian bridge, RBV was brought in to make the changes needed to restore an even, natural flow of water.

Detroit-based RBV was recognized as a company that could be hired to fix this site efficiently and cost-effectively. With equipment, expertise, and proper resources, the banks of the river were restored and reinforced to protect the natural environment and keep the river flowing.

RBV Contracting, and other infrastructure companies in Michigan are providing the tools, expertise and local workforce to fix Michigan’s infrastructure challenges. With a long-term infrastructure funding plan, we can #FixMIState with the minds and hands of Michiganders.