What does fixing Michigan’s infrastructure look like?

DiPonio Contracting, Inc. (DCI) was founded in 1995 and is based out of Shelby Township, Michigan. Originally focused on site grading, DCI has developed into an underground contractor completing a wide range of projects for the Michigan Department of Transportation, local government and site development markets. These projects include water main and sewer installation/replacement and total road reconstruction.

Over the past year, DCI has worked on a variety of different projects around the Metro Detroit area. Currently, they are contracted by the city of Rochester to replace about 12,000 linear feet of water main and are updating water services throughout the city on a multi-year project. This project also involves complete reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, driveways and drainage systems on the streets where the construction is taking place. At the end of the project, Rochester will have seven reconstructed neighborhood streets, all with updated infrastructure and utilities.

DCI is known for completing projects on time and on budget, but projects can only be completed with adequate funding. Similarly, when funding only allows for short-term fixes, Michigan’s infrastructure must be updated more frequently. DCI works with municipalities to create strategic budget plans for every project, ensuring that even small budgets maximize dollars.

It’s no secret that Michigan has aging, overused and failing infrastructure. Municipalities are determined to make their communities a safer place to live, and DCI is committed to the #FixMIState effort, bringing years of expertise and experience to every project they complete.