Badly paved roads are a constant headache for Michiganders.

One Michigan native decided to take that headache and turn it into a game.

Joey Stinson, 27, of Fenton, created “Get Up North,”an app where players swipe left and right to avoid potholes and those ever-present construction cones, while also trying to collect cans of pop.

He said he got the idea for the game when he was riding with a friend during the terrible snow storm in March.

“We took back roads and ended up having to dodge potholes,” he said. “We were driving all over the road to avoid them. It got to the point where it was kind of ridiculous.”

So, they started counting how many potholes they had to avoid in the road to see how high of a number they could reach. Stinson, who graduated from Eastern Michigan University, put his graphic-design brain to work. He decided after that fateful day that he could turn their real-life experience into a game.

“The unique story line and the visually enticing graphics make it a fun game for Michiganders of any age,” he said.

He posted the game in the iTunes App Store and Google Play on Monday. In the past three days, the free app has been downloaded nearly 1,000 times.

“It was insane,” he said. “It blew my mind because so many people, strangers that I didn’t even know, were sharing it on (social media)…I was so blown away that so many people enjoyed it.”

Stinson said he doesn’t want to stop with just this app.

“I do have plans to make another app called Traverse City Cherry Picker,” he said.