COLDWATER — Work is underway to seal coat 57 miles of secondary and primary roads this summer in Branch County.

Branch County Road Commission Manager/Engineer Trent Arver said this year all the roads will be done at once, until finished. The total cost to put down the liquid sealant, then cover with chip rock, is $915,000. This money comes from state Act 51 Michigan Road Trust funds for all primary roads with each township providing a flat $12,000 a mile for the local roads done in its jurisdiction. Not all townships agreed to or could afford to have local road chip and seal done for 2017.

Arver said the road commission is also looking at the possibility of overlaying up to 12 miles of roads in the county with asphalt this summer. He is not sure yet which, if any roads, will be done or delayed until next year.

The commission will also repair gravel roads that townships agreed to pay for this summer. There are 11 roads to need to have more gravel added as they are redone.

Six roads will have “wedges” done to fill in low spots in the road as well as along the sides. The Road Commission is preparing a comprehensive plan to repair or replace all Branch County Roads under a master strategic plan which it will present to the Branch County commission, possibly in August.