“Knowledge is power,” a short and simple statement from Eaton County’s Emergency Manager Ryan Wilkinson.

Just a couple of days after a snowstorm stranded drivers on I-95 in Virginia, Wilkinson is urging people to be prepared in case they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

“We certainly advocate for having some sort of small kit on hand in case you do get into some sort of pinch,” Wilkinson said.

Experts said it’s important to have these 10 things before heading out on the snowy roads:

  • Gloves, wool socks, handwarmers and blankets in case you need to keep warm.
  • Snow boots, a shovel and a jar of kitty litter in the event you have to dig yourself out.
  • Water to stay hydrated.
  • A phone charger, preferably a powerbank in case the car battery dies.
  • At least half a tank of gas.
  • As far as the driving itself, Wilkinson has a phrase he hopes people can remember.

“The rhyme we always use — ‘Take it slow on the ice and snow’,” Wilkinson said. “Take your time. Get there safely. Certainly nothing is worth any sort of accident or even worse — your life.”

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