22. Michigan

> Roadway in poor condition: 22.6% (22nd highest)
> Structurally deficient bridges: 10.7% of bridges (10th highest)
> Locomotive derailments from 2015-2019: 82 (2.4 per 100 miles of track — 12th fewest out of 49 states)
> State highway spending per licensed driver: $403 (4th lowest)

Michigan is one of only a dozen states where more than one in every 10 bridges are considered structurally deficient. This share will only likely grow in the near future as the Michigan Department of Transportation estimates, based on available funding, that the number of bridges in poor condition will climb by 50% from 2016 to 2023. Michigan spends an average of only $403 per licensed driver annually on its highways, less than all but three states despite a slightly larger than average 22.6% of road surface in Michigan is in poor condition.

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