Potholes are popping up on roads across Mid-Michigan.

A large pothole opened up on the ramp from I-96 to Cedar Street in Lansing on Sunday.

The Michigan Department of Transportation filled the pothole Tuesday morning after several cars hit it.

“I am dodging them all of the time,” said Lindsey Byrnes. “They just seem to be everywhere.”

Potholes are forming during the freeze-thaw cycles typical for Mid-Michigan this time of year.

MDOT crews were filling potholes on I-96, I-496, and Saginaw Highway on Tuesday.

Byrnes’ car is in for repairs at Shaheen Chevrolet as of Tuesday morning.

“The alignment was out of whack, so probably due to the potholes that are all over Michigan,” she said.

“It is the hidden damage that comes days or weeks later, ” said Shaheen Chevrolet Service Manager Tom Hernly.

He said the damage could be more than just a flat tire.

“You might notice a wobble in the wheel or a rhythmic type noise you would hear or if it is pretty substantial damage to the suspension tire, or ball joint, you may notice some clunking,” said Hernly.

Now Byrnes is left with a frustrating bill.

“It’s frustrating when you have to pay for an alignment more often than not. It’s definitely frustrating pocket-wise and just driving-wise,” she said.

MDOT offers advice on what you can do to avoid potholes and what can be done if you hit a pothole.

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