EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX)– Starting this week you’ll see MDOT closing off a few lanes along Northbound 127. That part of the highway near Lake Lansing Road has a pothole problem already, but with the hot temperatures we’ve had they’ve gotten worse.

“We’ve identified areas that are of concern again heat related generated with the joints. The heat puts pressure on those joints causing those to pop up creating those excessive potholes where we need to go out there and fix those,” Kari Arend from MDOT said.

That stretch of road is not currently in the 5 year road and bridge program that MDOT refers to when picking streets to repair, so this is a short -term fix to make that part of 127 safer for now.

“This is not a project per-say, this is more of a maintenance fix that we need to do to keep that pavement in good condition, in safe condition so we’re out there making repairs as needed,” she added.

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