Harsh winters and the resulting freeze-thaw cycle have placed Michigan at the very top of an undesirable list.

A new study, conducted by Quote Wizard using Google analytics and statistics, found that Michigan ranks worst in the nation for potholes.

In 2022, a team of analysts looked at Google search statistics over the last year and found that Michigan had more searches for pothole-related complaints than any other state.

Indiana, Rhode Island, Washington, and Vermont weren’t far behind.

Statistics according to the Quote Wizard study:

  • Michigan ranks first for potholes
  • Worst cities for potholes: Traverse City ranked 17th, Lansing ranked 21st and Grand Rapids ranked 30th
  • Drivers between 35 and 44 hit the most potholes
  • Nationally, the average pothole repair bill is $306 dollars
  • U.S. drivers spend nearly $3 billion a year fixing damage caused by potholes, according to AAA.

The full report covered all 50 states, most major cities, and answers frequently asked online for repairs and car coverage.

To see the study and more, visit their website.

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