With AAA releasing its annual survey regarding road and bridge quality, only two things are certain, Michiganders are not pleased with the current condition and are not willing to pay more to fix the dilapidated issue.

As for road and bridge quality, 1 percent rated them as excellent, 1 percent very good, 9 percent good, 31 percent fair and 58 percent as poor. While 54 percent admitted they believed current funding wasn’t enough to fix the issue, 30 percent said they did not support any increase of funding whatsoever.

“Our members’ concerns echo those of motorists across Michigan,” Heather Drake, VP of government and public relations for AAA Michigan, said in a news release. “They are frustrated by crumbling roads and bridges and most believe today’s policy and spending framework isn’t getting the job done.

“The clear consensus is that there is not clear consensus on ways to raise more funds for roads. This is the reality lawmakers are facing in working with drivers, and it emphasizes even more the importance of information and education in solving our chronic infrastructure problems.”

The findings come from the 2018 Michigan Transportation Survey, which included 967 Michigan-based drivers at least 18 years old. Participants were asked to identify their gender, age group, how long they’ve been an AAA member, and specific questions regarding the quality of the state’s road/bridges and their funding.

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