Motorists who travel Interstate 94 near 10 Mile: Beware of a tire-eating pothole.

The Michigan State Police said at about 7:45 a.m. Friday it has received reports of a huge pothole on the freeway’s left lane.

It’s the latest large pothole that’s created problems for drivers in the area.

Earlier this month, a chuckhole on eastbound I-94 and the 10 Mile ramp crippled at least a dozen cars and forced authorities to close the ramp.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has identified crumbling roads as one of two “crises” facing the state.

During her State of the State address this month, Whitmer encouraged residents to share their own stories about what Michigan’s “infrastructure crisis” means to them, by snapping a photo of a damaged car or repair bill and posting it online with the hashtag #FTDR, a reference to her “fix the damn roads” campaign slogan.

“Right now, we have crumbling bridges with hundreds of temporary supports holding them up,” she said in her Feb. 12 speech, calling forced car repairs a “road tax” that does not fix the pavement. “Buses of school kids and families travel over them — and under them. Chunks of concrete slamming through windshields.”

Republican legislative leaders have pledged to work with Whitmer, a Democrat, to find a bipartisan funding solution to repair the state’s roads and bridges.

Michigan is still phasing in a road funding package of gas tax hikes and vehicle registration fee increases that are expected to generate $1.2 billion more a year by 2022.