As the weather cools and fall replaces summer, motorists in Michigan still need to keep a watchful eye out for roadwork during their commutes, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

MDOT notes in a recent press release notes that although many projects have recently been completed, there are several roads and bridge projects that will continue through the end of November.

“Road construction is dangerous work year-round,” the press release said. “Fall road construction is especially challenging due to changes in weather, fewer daylight hours, a return to busier travel patterns, and construction fatigue.”

Construction fatigue is when motorists become complacent about new work zones after slowing down in other work zones months prior.

The Huron County Road Commission added that there are projects lined up going into the winter and the fall months as it prepares for the winter season. Erik Tamlyn, who is a deputy drain commissioner for Huron County, wants residents to be aware of road work.

“Currently there is still work on M-25 between Caseville and Port Austin and work on M-142 in Pigeon,” said Tamlyn. “Even late in the year, we are working on projects. We have some work around replacing and upgrading drainage in the county. We do usually have detoured closures when we do this, but we still have people who still need those roads to get to their homes.”

Tamlyn also said that as they prepare for the winter season, they still preach for work zone safety.

“We want people to stay diligent and watch for work zones,” said Tamlyn.

MDOT encourages everyone to do their part in ensuring work zone safety so it can achieve zero deaths on the roads and in the work zones. Pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists while in work zones should eliminate distractions, slow down and remain calm. For road workers, safety should be their number one priority and should also eliminate distractions while working.

MDOT also recommends that everyone should be prepared for road and bridge work, and can get prepared by checking the MI Drive website. This will show current and upcoming work on I, M and US routes. The website also shows any current traffic incidents that could cause delays as well.

For additional information, residents of Huron County can reach out to the Huron County Road Commission by contacting its office at 989-269-6404 or by visiting

This article originally appeared in the Huron Daily Tribune. For more, click here.