The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association known as MITA is putting a marketing campaign together to highlight the men and women working in the construction industry for all of their hard work to improve our roads, sewers and dams across the state even with limited resources available.

The executive vice president of MITA wants Michiganders to understand why the long term investment in infrastructure is needed, but ultimately they want them to appreciate the hard work the construction workers are doing on a daily basis, often risking their lives working near high speed traffic.

“The work that they are doing is vitally important to all of us its important to public safety its important to public health just a variety of reason why we need to continue to improve our infrastructure,” said Executive Vice President of MITA, Mike Nystrom.

They will have videos on YouTube and their website in addition to billboards to raise awareness that transportation and infrastructure construction workers are working hard and doing the best they can with the resources they have.

This story appeared in WILX 10. To watch the video and read more, click here