LANSING – As potholes threaten to swallow tires and car axles across the state, the Michigan Legislature is fast-tracking an additional $175 million in road funding for the upcoming construction season.

The House Appropriations committee and full House of Representatives voted unanimously Wednesday for the road funding and the Senate is expected to follow suit next week.

“As we all know, the roads are kind of crazy, so time is of the essence,” said state Rep. Laura Cox, R-Livonia, the chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee. “We’re proposing to take action now to allow communities time to prepare for the construction season.”

Under the plan, $38.1 million would be distributed to cities and villages across the state, $68.4 million would be allocated to the state’s 83 counties and another $68.4 million would be used for state trunkline preservation and enhancement projects that would help improve mobility for senior citizens and disabled people, as well as projects that will bolster technology in the state’s roads, including coordination and testing with autonomous vehicles.