A sobering statistic about Michigan’s decaying infrastructure: The state needs to come up with at least $4 billion more each year for decades for upkeep of roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, and communications infrastructure.

That’s the conclusion of the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission, a nonpartisan expert panel appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder in the wake of the Flint Water Crisis.

We see the problem every time we drive into a pothole or read headlines about sinkholes, broken water mains and flooded freeways. Yet state leaders haven’t yet done much about the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission report released in fall 2016.

For starters, coming up with an extra $4 billion a year is a heavy lift, no matter who or which political party controls Lansing.

Quality infrastructure isn’t a partisan issue. It is fundamental to a healthy economy, affecting everything from on-time deliveries to corporate attraction. Businesses want roads and bridges and drinking water systems to be in good shape, access to high-speed internet and reliable electricity.

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