Dozens of Michigan construction companies are hiring now for the upcoming construction season. Projects include fixing Michigan’s roads, bridges, and underground infrastructure.

Those interested in working to fix Michigan’s roads are encouraged to click here to sign up to let Michigan’s construction companies know they are ready to work. As the construction industry ramps up for Michigan’s construction season, companies are seeking employees to fix Michigan’s roads.

In 2021, congress took action to fund infrastructure projects across the United States. That includes projects right here in Michigan, like highway repair, bridge construction, dams, drainage systems, and more. Those projects are expected to begin soon. And Michigan construction companies are currently seeking employees to help fix our state.

Visit to let Michigan construction companies know you’re interested in getting to work. The construction industry offers competitive wages, benefits and is looking to put people to work right away.

We all know that Michigan’s roads and infrastructure need work. With more than 37,000 lane miles of road estimated to be in poor condition, 1,240 bridges classified as structurally deficient, and two in three Michigan dams are at or near the end of their structural life, there are plenty of projects beginning soon or in the near future to fix and replace Michigan’s aging infrastructure.

Go to to sign up today to let Michigan construction companies know you’re ready to help fix MI state!