SAGINAW COUNTY, MI (WNEM) – Climate change means more erosion and more frequent thaw cycles affecting roads.

“It’s always something we take into account,” said Gregg Brunner, with the Michigan Department of Transportation.

MDOT said climate change is real and Michigan’s roads are prepared to deal with it.

Brunner said climate change plays a role in how they design roads and bridges.

A new study released this week by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute said Michigan’s transportation infrastructure is better prepared to handle climate change than other Midwest states.

“We designed culverts to handle what we anticipate to be about a 50 year storm. Bridges we look at to more of 100 year storm,” Brunner said.

Meanwhile, experts at the National Weather Service said one particular weather event has already had an impact on the state’s infrastructure and will continue to do so in the future.