The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) wants to know what roads Michiganders think need the most work.

MDOT updated the draft of its Five-Year Transportation Program through 2024. It includes a list of major road projects, including bridge replacements in west Michigan.

Going into every new year, MDOT updates its five-year plan based on funding the department is projected to have.

“A lot of them need redone badly,” said driver David Wallace. “I’d actually be impressed to see them redo the roads that need to be redone for once.”

The road projects listed on MDOT’s draft are picked and prioritized based on traffic volume, rate of deterioration, and available funding.

“We are currently in a funding scenario where we do not have enough funding to maintain everything we have up to the standards that the public expects us to maintain it to. So we’re, every year we’re trying to catch up, and every year we’re falling a little farther behind. And it’s been that way for a couple decades now, said Nick Schirripa, Communications Representative for MDOT’s Southwest Region. “We are aware of the needs of our system, but that doesn’t mean we know everything all the time.”

In 2011, 90% of Michigan roads were in good or fair condition, according to Schirripa. He said it’s now down to 78 percent, and said it will be just over 50 percent within five years if funding doesn’t change.

While subject to change, the full list of projects as it currently exists is available to the public online.

A list of notable projects in the southwest region include:


  • Us-131 NB & SB over Amtrak and KL Avenue – Bridge replacement – 2023
  • I-94 east of lovers lane to east of portage road – major rewidening – 2021
  • I-94 over portage road – bridge replacement – 2021
  • I-94 at Kilgore road over I-94 – bridge replacement – 2021
  • I-94 – portage road to sprinkle road – major rewidening – 2021
  • I-94 over davis creek – culvert replacement – 2021
  • I-94 over Norfolk southern – bridge replacement – 2021
  • I-94 EB & WB over GTW railroad – bridge replacement – 2021


  • I-69 at N Drive North to Eaton County line – reconstruction – 2022


  • I-196 WB/US-31 SB over Kuiper’s Drain – culvert replacement – 2021
  • M-43 over Coldwater River – bridge replacement – 2024


US-31 over Grand River and M-104 – superstructure repair – 2021

Wallace said Dickman Road, which is slated to be repaved in 2020, is in desperate need of work. He drives on it constantly.

“Just about everyday of the week actually,” he said.

He’s also paid the price in car repairs.

“Yeah with mine I put probably over two grand worth of parts on it,” Wallace said. “If you look at the road you can tell it needs it pretty bad.”

MDOT is taking public comment until August 30, to hear directly what roads people think are the most neglected, and adjust plans accordingly if possible.

Comments will be accepted now until Friday, Aug. 30, and can be e-mailed to or directed to:

Lina Chapman

Michigan Department of Transportation

Systems Evaluation and Program Development Unit

425 W. Ottawa St.

P.O. Box 30050

Lansing, MI 48909