The Michigan Department of Transportation has designated the area around the I-75 and I-69 interchange as needing significant improvements.

Engineers plan to outline the results of a study of the interchange and discuss possible options for improvements between Corunna Road and the U.S. 23 split to be constructed over the next eight years.

The interchange near is usually pretty congested and can be difficult to navigate with short entrance ramps, along with traffic merging in opposite directions.

“A lot of the merging, coming in at a slower speed, adds to the congestion,” said Trevor Block, a cost and scheduling engineer for MDOT.

MDOT is proposing big changes to I-75, along with the interchanges at Miller Road and I-69 to improve traffic flow.

“People have to slow down to allow others to merge in and people change lanes to get to where they need to be going to meet 23 and 75,” says Block.

That’s the cause for many accidents along that area. Not only does MDOT say they want to increase they safety, but also address the aging infrastructure.