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“This is their office,” says Sgt. Ashley Miller with the Michigan State Police. “So every day they have to come in and they’re just hoping to make it home safe that day.”

Construction season is here and with that comes the workers who depend on your good driving habits to make it home safely. The Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan State Police teamed up today to raise awareness for highway work zone safety.

They were posted on an overpass over I75 in Cheboygan County May 14th to make sure drivers followed the speed limit posted.

“We just want to educate the public that if you’re stopped for speed and cited in a construction zone, the fines are doubled,” Says Sgt. Miller. “And they also add additional points on your driving record. It’s very important not only for the motorists in the vehicle, but the workers. And that’s why it’s strictly enforced, is because we do not want anyone injured when they’re trying to fix the roads for Michigan”

And for Jason Michalski being a Construction Technician for MDOT has given him a few close calls.

“I mean, it’s scary. It catches you off guard, makes you jump,” says Michalski. ”We all want to get home to our families. And it’s scary for the guys coming in and out. You see some stuff and you’ve just got to look away, you can’t even look at it because you’re afraid something’s going to happen. Some people sit inside an office or a restaurant or whatever. They don’t have to experience that. But we’re here every day. We have to be here. We’re trying to improve the roads. Just pay attention, slow down. Everybody can get home.”

And the partnership between MDOT and the Michigan State Police has become something that helps workers put their minds at ease.

“We love to see the state police out here,” Continues Michalski. “When we see them, it’s kind of a little bit of relief because we just we know that time that they’re there, somebody’s going to slow down. We love having them out, would like to see it more. I wish we could have them there at every project.”