A drive down Hillsdale’s most crumbling roads may no longer feel like a sudden, unsolicited stint on an old, wooden rollercoaster.

Mayoral candidates current Mayor Scott Sessions and City Councilman Adam Stockford have pledged to fix Hillsdale’s disintegrating roads, but their solutions take different paths to even asphalt and patched potholes. Sessions said he will continue to search out grants and use tax dollars to fix Hillsdale’s infrastructure crisis with immediacy, but Stockford said economic development, supplemented by grants, will beget city funding for the project that costs $1 million per mile.

Four-time City Councilman Bruce Sharp said his years in office have taught him the severity of the road problem, which developed when the upkeep budget was cut about 20 years ago and street maintenance stopped, according to Sessions.

“The roads are the No. 1 issue in this town,” Sharp said. “We’ve ignored the streets for many years, and it’s going to take time and money to fix them.”

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