The speed limit on West Michigan’s newest highway, M-231, will be raised to 65 mph by July 4, according to Michigan Department of Transportation Grand Region spokesman John Richard.

Nearly two months ago, it was announced the speed limit would go up on the highway, but MDOT has not put up the new signs yet. MDOT first focused on getting 70 mph signs changed to 75 mph on 600 miles of freeways, mostly in northern Lower Michigan.

Now MDOT will be working on getting signs replaced on hundreds of miles of state trunkline. Most of those speed limits will be raised from 55 mph to 65 mph.

M-231 opened to traffic in Ottawa County in late October 2015 as a bypass around Grand Haven. The road connects I-96 to the north and M-45 on the southern end, and was posted with 55 mph speed limit signs.