KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – As temperatures in West Michigan rise, state transportation officials are asking drivers to be even more careful on the roads.

Over the weekend, a portion of US-131 in Allegan County buckled, causing traffic delays as crews did repair work.

Road experts say when a road buckles you can’t predict or prepare for it.

It all boils down to a pressure imbalance between the joints in the road you drive over everyday.

“it’s peak time for those joints to pop and we know it’s going to happen,” says MDOT spokesperson Nick Schirripa. He says the agency often sees buckled roads on highways built with concrete slabs.

“Being able to guess where it’s going to happen is virtually impossible,” says Schirripa.

Buckling happens when a rubber-like substance between the slabs wears down too much. MDOT says the concrete slabs usually rise just a few inches.

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