The weight restrictions on the Grosse Ile Bridge will continue after a meeting between Township Supervisor Brian Loftus and the Wayne County Department of Public Services Thursday morning.

Following a visual inspection by the County, weight restrictions were placed on Grosse Ile Bridge as a safety precaution because an early analysis determined some deterioration had occurred. The restrictions apply only to the heavier trucks, such as concrete mixers and trash haulers.

“The weight restrictions will remain in place until an in-depth inspection can be completed,’’ said Loftus. “In the meantime, the county has worked with Grosse Ile to find solutions to lessen the inconvenience to motorists, while at the same time ensuring the safety of its bridges. The meeting was extremely informative, providing background on why the restrictions were imposed and the county’s bridge inspection process.

“While the weight restrictions are in place, Grosse Ile will contract with a weigh master to ensure the proper weight is adhered to as vehicles exceeding the weight restrictions can add to any deterioration.  Additionally, Grosse Ile will mobilize law enforcement at the entrances of the bridge to monitor speed limits.’’

The Grosse Ile Bridge was bestowed the 2009 Project of the Year Award by the American Public Works Association.