In Michigan, water is part of our culture, our way of life and our economy. Our beautiful water and sand dunes attract millions of tourists to our state annually. Water is also vital to our business and the local economy in northern Michigan. Unfortunately, our water faces monumental challenges, and political leaders in both parties need to step up and rise to that challenge. That starts with leaders in Lansing rejecting Senate Bills 652-654, three bills that would strip our state of its power to protect our water by putting oil companies, steel manufacturers and other industries in charge of our environment.

When our water is put at risk by toxic pollution, failing infrastructure and an aging Line 5 oil pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac, my business is threatened as well. Michigan’s economy thrives on having access to clean water and pristine Great Lakes. We need to stop SB 652-4 — environmental safeguards play an essential role in protecting the lakes that drive our northern economy.