(CBS Detroit) – Last summer’s record rainfall caused massive flooding throughout Metro-Detroit.

Although issues with the infrastructure were addressed, some areas are still prone for overflow.

The Michigan Department of Transportation currently has 140 pump stations to support roads below ground level.

“Like M-39, I-94 at parts, I-75 at parts, 94 and 696, that interchange, whenever you go below ground we have to have a pump to pump water up and off that road,” said MDOT Spokesperson Diane Cross.

Wednesday’s downpour forced road closures and backups.

“We did have some flooding and what we’re doing a little bit different this year is instead of just blocking the lanes that are flooded, if we start to get more than one into the second lanes situation where we’ve got flooding, we’re just going to close the freeway,” Cross explained.

Cross says power outages and drain blockages are the main culprits behind floods.

“Last night we had a problem of we lost power near 94 and 696 at the pump station,” Cross said.

“It took a couple hours but we did get a generator to that pump station and we got the water off so once it’s connected to power we can get it moved.”

Cross says in heavy rain, drivers need to take caution.

“Be aware of the route you normally take,” Cross said.

“If it normally floods when it’s raining, and you know we’ve got rain coming or by the time you drive home there’s going to be rain, don’t take that route because if its flooded in the past chances are it’s going to flood again.”

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