It’s no secret that Michigan doesn’t have the best road conditions, but an interactive map from the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Bridges and Structures is allowing residents to see the integrity of bridges near them.

The map shows ratings recorded in the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) database. In all, it features more than 10,000 state and local bridges. According to the ratings, nearly two-thirds of MDOT bridges are in “fair” condition and 39.8 percent of local bridges are in “fair” condition. More than five percent of MDOT bridges are in “poor” condition while more than 14 percent of local bridges are “poor.”

The NBI condition ratings are:

  • 7-9 – Good condition – routine maintenance
  • 5-6 – Fair condition – Preventative maintenance or minor rehabilitation
  • 4 – Poor condition – Major rehabilitation or replacement
  • 2-3 Serious or critical – Emergency repair or high priority major rehab or replacement; Unless closely monitored it may be necessary to close until corrective action can be taken
  • 0-1 – Imminent failure or failed – Major rehab or replacement; Bride is closed

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