In the 7 UpFront segment, FOX 17 sister station WXYZ in Detroit takes an in-depth look at the path to desperately needed road and bridge repairs around metro Detroit.

The recent assessment from the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association reveals that Michigan is still in dire need of funding.

We’re being joined by Vice President of Government Affairs for the association Lance Binoniemi to talk about it.

“Our most recent studies coming out of the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission reports developed by Governor Snyder show that we need $4 billion annually more for all of our infrastructure in Michigan,” Binoniemi says. “And that includes not just roads, and bridges, but also underground water and sewers and broadband. On the road and bridge side, it’s about $2.1 to $2.2 billion that need annually just to keep our system really maintained in the current state that it is and just to improve it a little bit.”

This article appeared in FOX 17. To watch the interview and read more, click here.