Lawmakers are fast-tracking a $175 million mid-year appropriation to help provide motorists with relief from this winter’s plague of potholes. The track can’t be fast enough.

Michigan’s roads are in a horrific state as the freeze/thaw cycle loosens pavement and leaves behind gaping holes. Some of these monstrous craters are so deep they reveal the steel reinforcing rods near the bottom of the concrete. They are literally destroying vehicles.

Repair shops report standing room only crowds of customers seeking repairs of busted tires, bent rims and brutalized suspensions. Tow truck drivers are enjoying a roaring business.

So, yes, the emergency funding is sorely needed. The measure passed the House this week on an unanimous vote, and will be voted on by the Senate next week. Once it is signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, the bulk of the funds should be rushed to local communities to help them bring dangerously pitted surface streets and highways up to safe levels.