EATON COUTNY, Mich. (WLNS) – On any given day, many people don’t think twice about their pipes or drains.

But where all that sewage ends up can be essential to public health, especially when it ends up in the wrong places.

“Illicit discharges are a way that raw sewage can reach into our waterways.”

That was Regina Young, environmental director at the Barry-Eaton District Health Department.

She says an illicit discharge, or illegal disposal of untreated waste, can be difficult to find, and can go undetected for years, or even decades.

That’s why the department has the Time of Sale or Transfer, or TOST program.

“The time of sale or transfer program is a mechanism for those inspections or evaluations to be made of the on-site well, or on-site sewage system,” Young said.