The city’s Board of Water Commissioners on Wednesday unanimously adopted a policy that allows Detroit’s water department to implement a new drainage charge program.

The Water and Sewerage Department unveiled the multiphase plan last month that’s designed to transition all parcels in Detroit to a uniform and equitable system for drainage billing within the next several years.

For some 22,000 parcel owners, the process is slated to begin in October. The group, which includes residential, commercial, industrial and tax-exempt parcels, including government properties and churches, owes about $10 million in fees never before been collected.

DWSD Director Gary Brown has said the parcels, identified through assessing records and survey data, are being added to the system as part of his department’s ongoing effort to bring fair and equitable billing to Detroit’s water customers. Officials, he said, are phasing in the changing drainage rate to mitigate the impact it will have on businesses and residents.