DETROIT (CBSDetroit) – Hours after a woman was struck by concrete from a pothole while driving along I-696 — growing concern about the state of Michigan’s infrastructure.

There’s been no shortage of complaints about, and problems with, large potholes and cracks since the spring thaw wreaked havoc on pavement across the metro Detroit area. However, with the gas tax hike passed last year, there’s renewed hope that repairs to the state’s deteriorating freeways are forthcoming.

Michigan Department of Transportation spokeswoman Diane Cross says it doesn’t take look for a pavement problem to develop.

“A pothole can develop in moments,” says Diane Cross. “The idea that there has been possibly water – it melted – a weak spot, almost like a pocket, and this is on all roads – then just the right weight, just the right angle, whatever can suddenly have a hole pop up in a minute.”