Road commission officials say good budgeting and increased state funding is allowing them to fix the roads and buy equipment.

Calling it a “banner year” for the Monroe County Road Commission, the agency sought a bond to perform more road repairs this season.

Randy Pierce, managing director, said in May the agency’s board approved seeking a seven-year, $5 million bond for roadwork.

“It will be a banner year for us,” Pierce said.

In 2015, the road commission put about $26 million into county roads. In 2016, about $32 million was invested in the road system. This year, Pierce estimates about $39 million will be spent on the roads.

Part of the reason why the road commission is able to fund additional projects is the agency’s balanced budget. For the third year in a row, the road unit’s budget was in the black.

The agency also saw an increase in its state allocation from the Michigan Transportation Fund due to legislation. The state passed a $1.2 billion road-spending package, which increased the state’s fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees in an attempt to address deteriorating roadways.

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