As the deadline to pass another state budget draws near, many of us are asking the same question: Why isn’t more being done to fix our roads and invest in our children’s future?

A recent statewide survey from EPIC-MRA found that Michiganians want the state Legislature to focus on fixing roads, not dismantling the teacher retirement system. So why are my Republican colleagues focused on partisan political legislation instead of the real concerns of families across the state?

Unfortunately, for the past seven years legislative leaders have put the interests of wealthy donors above the needs of Michigan families. This must end. That is why House Democrats have developed a proposal to address the concerns of the people by re-allocating an additional $133 million to fix our roads and $330 million to invest in schools.

We all know that Michigan’s roads are in a sorry state. Even the governor’s own 21stCentury Infrastructure Commission found that without additional investment, Michigan’s roads and bridges will “continue to deteriorate.”

Dodging potholes has become the norm under Republican Legislative leadership. This is unacceptable — we can and we must do better. Recent road funding plans have been too little, too late. But if we act now, we can start to improve our roads before they become even more dangerous to drive on.