HILLSDALE – After years of neglecting to fiscally prepare for infrastructure upgrades and repairs, the City of Hillsdale is looking to take on a multi-faceted approach to address years worth of citizen complaints.

“The roads here are horrible,” said Lon King. “We don’t need anymore lip service, we need action. It’s time for us to do something – straight forward.”

King and other citizens addressed the Funding Alternatives Identification & Recommendation Committee on Jan. 16. The committee was established by the city in August 2016 to begin the discussion on how to fund road and infrastructure projects.

During the Jan. 16 meeting, Hillsdale City Manager David Mackie, who led the meeting, outlined several options in regards to addressing the issue including trimming the city budget, a special tax district assessment, and a local income tax. The options were discussed in length by the committee.

Councilman Matt Bell spoke out vehemently against an income tax.

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