A new poll indicates that a majority of voters in Michigan want politicians to find ways to fund repairs to the state’s infrastructure. An EPICMRA poll finds almost 90% of respondents say fixing infrastructure should be a priority for elected officials. The Fix MI State Campaign is launching its second year with the poll results. The statewide public education effort wants taxpayers to pressure local officials to invest more money into fixing infrastructure. Mike Nystrom is a spokesperson for the campaign and Executive Vice President of Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association. He says a majority of those polled also say they are willing to pay more to address problems with water, sewer, roads, bridges and other crucial groundwork.

Nystrom says Michigan needs to invest 4-Billion dollars per year for at least 10 years to upgrade systems that in some cases are more than 75 years old. Nystrom says a new video is being used to help educate taxpayers about what happens when a toilet is flushed or the water systems become overwhelmed.

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