Bridge conditions are a growing concern after a chunk of concrete fell from an overpass on U.S. 127 near Mason [last] week.

“This needs to be solved now. The governor’s got a plan that’s got to do with bonding. That moves this bridge into the five year plan. I think it needs to be moved up even farther,” said State Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr.

The Michigan Transportation Commission approved the $3.5 billion bond plan.

However, none of that money will go to local agencies like Ingham County.

The county closed the Dietz Road bridge over the Red Cedar River because its no longer safe.

“We’ve had 30 years of de-investment from our roads. The time to act is long past,” said Sen. Hertel.

Lance Binoniemi is the Vice President of Government Affairs for the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association.

He sees raising the gas tax and registration fees as the most viable solution.

“At the end of the day, we’re all going to have to pay for it. The most fair way to do it is through user fees. The more you use the road, the more you spend on it’s improvements,” said Binoniemi.

MDOT has an interactive map of every bridge and its latest inspection results online.

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