BRECKENRIDGE, MI — The village of Breckenridge, located about 25 miles west of Saginaw in Gratiot County, received a state grant this week to help fund a series of improvements to the small community’s wastewater system.

The $521,063 check from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will fund the majority of the project, expected to cost about $600,000.

The state grant was one of nine Infrastructure Capacity Enhancement program grants, totaling $8 million, awarded recently by the MEDC through the Community Development Grant program.

Village Manager Jeff Ostrander said the project will stabilize Breckenridge’s sewer system for decades.

“This grant, and the project that we’re going to do, will wrap-up the sewer projects in Breckenridge,” Ostrander said. “It literally makes everything brand new and will ensure the success of Breckenridge for the next 50 years.”