BANGOR TWP, MI — Heavy rains pounded Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties, overnight, causing historic flooding in some parts of the region and keeping emergency personnel and road crews busy throughout the day.

That was the case in Bay County’s Bangor Township where Supervisor Glenn Rowley says the infrastructure is “overwhelmed” with water.

“Everyone is doing everything they can,” he said. “Plain and simple, we just got a lot more rain than the system can handle.”

About 6 inches of rain dropped overnight, topping off a week where rains have been heavy and frequent.

Several entrances to the Bay City Mall were blocked off due to rain. Entrances to the parking lot were available on Wilder Road by Red Lobster and on State Street Road, north of Wilder.

Meanwhile, areas of the mall’s parking lot transformed into a deluge of flood water, with water rising above several car’s tires.

Security at the mall said several cars have been stuck in the overflowing water.

Those with halted cars at the Bay City Mall are advised to contact Kreager Towing, security said. Kreager Towing trucks were in the mall’s parking lot around noon Friday, June 23.