How bad are Michigan’s roads?

In York Township near Ann Arbor, a several-mile stretch of Platt Road between Willis and Bemis is so bad that the the Washtenaw County road officials have closed it indefinitely.

“The pavement is falling apart,” said Emily Kizer, communications coordinator for Washtenaw County Road commission. “We’ve been trying to patch it as best we can during this pothole season … but the patching isn’t working.”

Kizer said that road is to the point that the clay beneath it is rising above the patching. The road is so saturated, she said, that none of their best efforts have made a difference.

The road had to be closed for safety, Kizer said.

There are major potholes down that stretch of road.

Kizer said that the repairs will be extensive and expensive so there is no timetable for when it will reopen. The road commission is been working on setting up a detour.