The results of a recent EPIC-MRA poll show that Michigan voters rate infrastructure as the top problem and issue in Michigan.

“Time and again Michigan voters have said that fixing Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure is a top issue for the state,” said Rob Coppersmith, executive vice president of the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association (MITA). “An incredible 93 percent of Michigan residents give our roads a negative rating, showing that even though we’ve begun to increase our short-term investment in fixing Michigan’s infrastructure, we still have a long way to go.

Learn more about what’s wrong with Michigan’s roads and bridges. Michigan has more than 120,000 miles of paved roadway across our state and the cost to keep roads in good condition is significant and continues to rise. Unfortunately, more than 42% of Michigan’s lane miles are rated in poor condition. And if Michigan stays on the path it’s on, we’ll see that number rise further to nearly 50% by 2031.

Studies continually show the bad shape our infrastructure is in and how much worse it could become. The American Society of Civil Engineers issued a grade of D- for Michigan’s roads in their Report Card for Michigan’s Infrastructure. The 2022 TRIP Report estimated that the poor condition of our roads costs the average household $4,845 annually due to traffic crashes, congestion caused by unreliable roads and the cost to repair cars due to roads in bad shape.

Even worse, 11%, or 1,240, of Michigan’s 11,284 bridges are classified as structurally deficient, according to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association. These are bridges that Michigan families use daily to go to school, work, and vacation. If we continue to underinvest in necessary repairs, it’s estimated that the number of bridges classified as structurally deficient could rise to as many as 1,976 — a staggering 18% of Michigan’s bridges — over the next decade.

Coppersmith added, “two-thirds of Michigan voters said that fixing all types of infrastructure – roads, bridges, dams and underground infrastructure – are equally important. The results speak for themselves – Michiganders are fed up with crumbling roads, failing dams, and broken underground infrastructure that leads to flooded roads and basements.”

“The results of this poll show the continued need for a long-term, sustainable infrastructure plan from Michigan’s leaders,” said Coppersmith. “Study after study shows that Michigan’s infrastructure will continue to worsen if we don’t make the needed investments now. I hope Michigan’s leaders will see these results and come together to do what’s needed and pass a long-term infrastructure plan that will put Michigan on the right track.”

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