Yes, there are people in Michigan who believe we have “very good or excellent” roads.

A transportation survey conducted by AAA Michigan found that 89% of the more than 900 members surveyed said the state’s road and bridge quality are “fair or poor,” while just 2% believe the quality is “very good or excellent.”

Infrastructure and road repairs are a recurring issue for metro Detroit and around the state of Michigan, with only 19% of road pavement in southeastern Michigan considered in good condition as of March.

“While AAA supports recent efforts made by state lawmakers to approve an additional $400 million for road repairs, sustainable funding solutions appear to remain elusive,” AAA Michigan finds. “The survey validates these concerns with over 50% of respondents believing that existing state and federal revenues are not enough to maintain the roads in their current condition and nearly 70% of the respondents believing that transportation resources are not being allocated appropriately in Michigan.”